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Here for You

Here for You is a student organization at Carnegie Mellon University founded to address student issues regarding student mental health, with a focus on improving campus culture and improving access to support resources. We seek to:

  1. Support those who are currently facing mental health-related issues and empower them to seek professional help and other resources that both CMU and the Pittsburgh community offer.
  2. Advocate for those struggling with mental health issues by working to alleviate the stigma associated with mental illnesses and by becoming a liaison between students and the administration on mental health-related issues.
  3. Educate the general student body to better understand what mental health disorders are thereby increasing awareness, teach how to recognize symptoms in a peer or oneself, and what resources are available on campus and in Pittsburgh.

Founded in 2019, our membership is open to all undergraduate and graduate students at CMU.

Our Spring 2023 meetings are on Mondays from 5PM to 6PM in PHA19D.